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SEVEN Ltd is a supplier of coffee machines, snack machines, ice cream machines and cold drinks machines from Spain and Italy. For further information, please, donТt hesitate to contact our sales department: + 7 495 2296222; +7 495 7419347

Company УSevenФ offers hot food vending machines - GourmetЃ.
Gourmet is a vending machine produced by Jofemar S.A., Spain. It might cook different lunches, sandwiches, pizza, hotdogs, salads - whatever you like, as the maximum size is 60х200х140 mm (height x length x width) what allows to sell even cakes and cold drinks.

Hot food vending machine contains from 88 up to 300 units of 60 different products. Cooking time depends on the type of product and varies from 10 to 55 seconds. Payback of the machines is from 6 till 12 months depending on attendance of the place, where the machine is installed. Prime cost of the product unit is from 10 rubles. Recommended sales price is from 30 rubles. The idea of Gourmet is simple but unique: inside the machine there is a cooling unit with electronic temperature control, programmable from 0.5?C to 9?C, delivery of the chosen product is made with the help of elevator what makes easier the process of loading, you may load any product without risk of destroying its packing; the main point of the machine is the phase before the product dispense Ц you may warm up ready lunch or cook half-finished product in microwave; if you choose a salad or sandwich which donТt need to be warmed up, the product will be delivered straight from cooling unit to the dispense slot.

Gourmet Ц is an automatic cafe. ItТs new horizon for Russian vending as it might be installed in education areas, at railway stations, business centers of any level and so on. In company Seven we would help you to choose necessary configuration of Gourmet vending machine and to test products in order to fit necessary time and temperature of warming up process.

Technical characteristics of the machine:
Dimensions: 1925 x 960 x 960 (mm)
Power consumption: max 3200 W
Quantity of choices: from 15 to 60 types.
Max loading 200 units (depending on size of loading product)

Weight: 450 kgs.